The Company

Policy of cookies

 1. What are Cookies?


A cookie is a file in small text that a server web can save on the hard disk of an equipment to store a type of information on the user. It can only be read by the web site that sends it to the equipment. The cookies are used for diverse reasons (storing data for future visits, to recognize the user and to avoid the need to ask for further authentication, to know which pages are visited, or to save preferences of this in personalized areas).Normally the web sites use cookies to obtain statistic information for their web and analyze behavior of clients/users.
2. Cookies used by Vic2 Asesores, hereafter THE COMPANY
THE COMPANY uses cookies with the exclusive finality to elaborate statistics of use of its web site. The cookies used on the web site of THE COMPANY consist solely in an identification number of the user, and the date in which the cookie was deposited. This permits recognition on his next visit to our web site.
3. Information and obtaining of consent for the installation of cookies
THE COMPANY procures at all times to establish mechanisms that are adequate to obtain the consent of the User for the installation of cookies that are required. It is understood that the user has given his consent if he modifies the configuration of the navigator disabling the restrictions that impede the entrance of cookies and the consent would not be required for the installation of cookies that are strictly required for the giving of a service expressly requested by the User when previous registering is requested.
4. How can I prevent the installation of cookies?
The user can set his navigator to accept, or not, the cookies received or for the navigator to advise him when a server wishes to save a cookie.
The disabling of some cookies does not guarantee the correct function of some of the uses of the web. 
In continuation we facilitate some examples of how to disable the cookies in function of the type of navigator used.
Microsoft Internet Explorer: Option in menu Tools, select option of Cookie policy Internet, accessing Privacy.
Firefox for Mac; Option in menu Preferences, select Privacy access Show Cookies.
Firefox for Windows: Option in menu Tools, select Options, access Privacy and use personal configuration in History.
Safari; Access Option in menu Preferences, select Privacy.
Google Chrome; Option in menu Tools, select Options(Preferences on Mac)access Advanced and then the option Configuration Content in the Privacy section, and finally marking Cookies in the section Configuration of contents.
5. Links to other web sites
If you decide to abandon our web site by means of links to other web sites that do not belong to our entity. THE COMPANY will not be responsible for the privacy policy of said web sites nor of the cookies that these may store in the computer of the user.