Labour Negotiations

We have a labour department dedicated to every aspect of labour relations.

Our ample offer of services contemplates the following:

-     Preparation of different types of contracts, studying in each case the best option for your business, taking into account the current labour rulings, benefits, reductions and any benefits that can be derived from such.

-     Preparation of wage slips and Social Security.

-     Registration and cancellation in the Social Security system, due to work contracts.

-     Registration of temporal incapacity and accidents at work.

-     Professional representation before the services of Mediation, Arbitration and Reconciliation (SMAC).

-     Professional assistance in work inspections by the Ministry of Employment and Social Security (MEYSS).

-     Processing of records in Employment offices.

-     Negotiation of debts with the Social Security.

We have a work team constantly striving to care for every detail of your business with cordiality and responsibility.