The advice and the tax negotiation for companies, the self employed is a speciality to which we dedicate human resources and material of the first order, through which we can guarantee an excellent and efficient job.

Within the principle negotiations we have:

Integral tax assessment, consisting of the system of tax operations with the finality of administrating the imposed operations within the framework of the tax legislation in force.

Definition of the tax policies and planning of the operations required.

Resolving consultations and / or propositions that we are requested to resolve within the subject of taxes.

Information on regulations, resolutions and sentences of interest for our clients.

Preparation, revision and processing of communications, forms and consultatio9ns required or ordered by the Tax Authorities.

Assistance, representation and defense before the Inspector of Taxes.

Assistance in the preparation and presentation of tax declarations.

Annual tax returns for individuals.

Company taxes.

Division of payments: estimated direct and object estimation (Modulos).

Value added tax (IGIC).

Special taxes.

Inheritance taxes.

Succession taxes.

Retention and payment on account of taxes.

Negotiations for delayed payment of taxes.

Means and reclamations.

Anything your business needs to deal with in taxations.